Top 10 Benefits of a Beach Holiday in Noosa – Part one

Relax on a Beach Holiday in Noosa

With Noosa’s beautiful weather and sunshine, it is no wonder that many of us head to the beach for our holidays to have some fun and a well deserved rest from our busy lives.
Beach holidays are a great way to relax and with the beautiful beaches of Noosa, it is understandable why so many of us respond to the urge to pack a bag and head off to the beach.

Here are our top 10 benefits of enjoying a beach holiday.

1. Destress/Relax

There is nothing better than a beach holiday to unwind. Just the thought of it is enough to start feeling relaxed. There’s just no place quite as relaxing, beautiful or pleasant and no place that combines the simple pleasures of unplugging and enjoying nature as much as a beach holiday in Noosa does.

The beach helps us recharge — and we need to be making a lot more use of it. Research shows that the benefits of a beach holiday continue on for many weeks, even months after the holiday has finished so regular beach holidays are well justified.

2. Opportunity to Exercise and Sleep Well-

When you are at the beach on a beach holiday you tend to exercise without even thinking of it as exercise. Strolls along the beach, walking to your favourite restaurant or having a quick dip in the ocean and playing in the waves are all activities that provide great exercise. For the more energetic, Noosa and the Sunshine Coast offer a beautiful setting for all water sports, running or cycling. Study after study shows that regular exercise has many benefits. Regular exercise enables you to fall asleep faster and remain in a deep sleep for longer. Top off your day exercising at the beach with the relaxing sounds of the sea and you have the recipe for a great nights sleep.

There’s nothing quite like the wonderful feeling of waking in the morning feeling refreshed and invigorated.

3. Physcological Benefits-

Going on holidays to the beach and beside the sea have long been ways of recharging our batteries but a recent study suggests it has real psychological benefits. A recent two-year study of people’s engagement with the natural environment showed that all outdoor locations were associated with positive feelings of enjoyment, calmness and refreshment – but visits to the coast were the most beneficial. Researchers from the European Centre for Environment and Human Health looked at data on 2,750 participants aged from 8- 80 taking into account distance of travel, the presence of others, and type of activity. Clearly there are many physcological benefits of a beach holiday.

4. Healthy food means healthier bodies-

One of the leading benefits of being in a place like Noosa on the Sunshine Coast is the abundance of fresh, healthy produce from the sea and the hinterland. Almost without exception, the local restaurants source their produce from local growers ensuring not only a wonderful taste but nutritious, wholesome food.

When driving to your beach holiday you will pass many roadside food stalls all brimming with fresh, local food.

Queensland is renowned for its fabulous fruit so a great idea is to pick up a basket full of fruit to munch on during your beach holiday.

5. Bring back childish memories –

Spending time on the beach evokes childhood memories of playing in the ocean and building sand castles – tapping into your playful, imaginative side. Taking a walk along the beach, or one of the coastal paths around Noosa can be extremely beneficial to you. Spending time on the beach has also been found to evoke childhood nostalgia, which helps you relax and reminisce of days gone by.

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