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When booking holiday accommodation many guests use the star rating as a guide to the standard of accommodation they are looking for. Most people have come to know that 5 star accommodation provides a very high standard of accommodation, but not everyone understands just how a five star accreditation is achieved. Recently when looking for 5 star accommodation in Noosa I noticed that the star accreditation was not always the same on the various travel booking portals. Sometimes there was a half or even a full star difference and sometimes there was no accreditation at all.A 5 Star Accommodation venue should include a pool

Further investigation revealed that for an accommodation venue in Noosa to be accredited with 5 stars they must actually apply and go through an independent accreditation process. It is a generally recognised mark of quality that has global appeal. In Australia the independent accreditation process is conducted by “Star Ratings Australia, under licence from Australian Motoring Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Australian AutoClubs – the NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAC, RAA, RACT and AANT.” Furthermore the accommodation venue must pay an annual licence fee depending on the number of rooms they have. Generally there are very exacting standards and checklists to tick to ensure the rating system is consistent, although sometimes a little bit of subjectivity creeps in, perhaps resulting in as much as a half star variance.

So if we take the standard of 5 star accommodation, exactly what can you expect from your five star accommodation experience? Five star properties typify luxury across all areas of accommodations and services. The range of services should be extensive with particular attention given to attention to detail and personalised service. Your 5 star accommodation will include all the little extras that you would expect from a five star property including DVD, Wi-Fi, luxury furnishings and linen and perhaps an in room spa. The finish of the room will be to the highest standard and of course perfectly clean. The whole property should depict luxury with high end taste. Room service will be available and you would usually expect to find an award winning restaurant on the premises.

ExGreat views are a must in Five star accommodation Noosatra facilities for business such as a guest lounge or library will enhance your stay even further. Most people expect a resort to be either 4 or 5 star.

So just how relevant is a five star rating? According to Star Ratings Australia as many as 85% of travelers recognise and use the star rating when making a booking. It is also interesting to note that travelers visit a number of different sites before making a booking and that they do not rely on the star rating alone to make a buying decision.

Ultimately it is the various websites and guest reviews that influence their final decision.

So in effect the star rating system while useful and well recognized really just acts as a filter before other factors are considered.

So can a hotel or resort be five stars without having an official five star rating?

Absolutely, especially boutique hotels and resorts that offer a very unique location or service, such as being right on the beach or catering exclusively to couples. The resort can still meet all the standards of a 5 star rating without officially applying for accreditation. With the advent of the internet and websites, travelers are able to get a good understanding of the standard of the property before they get there. A picture is after all worth a thousand words. Couple that with positive guest reviews or a personal referral, the result is a high degree of confidence. The real message here is to do your homework. Certainly use the star rating as a guide but remember to take in other points of view as well.


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