Hasten to Hastings Street

Hastings St Noosa Heads is becoming world renowned for its cosmopolitan vibe complete with restaurants to satisfy even the most discerning foodie and boutique shops to suit all tastes. If you are looking for Hasting St Accommodation then Hastings Street runs adjacent to Noosa’s Main Beach in Queensland, Australia and enjoys the sounds and taste of the beautiful Laguna Bay. Hastings Street itself is a tree lined precinct where shopping, restaurants and accommodation have been beautifully intertwined in such a way that Hastings Street retains the natural charm of the area.

Hastings St Noosa has a precinct with around 20 different accommodation venues, all with their own individuality to offer. As you walk along Hastings Street, all the accommodation venues are not immediately apparent. Many of the accommodations in Hastings Street have been cleverly intermingled either above or behind the shops and restaurants. On the southern side of Hastings Street you will find most of the accommodation is behind the shops and restaurants. On the northern side of Hastings Street the accommodation venues have been positioned to take advantage of the views across Laguna Bay. This means the accommodation will be either above the shops and restaurants of Hastings Street or behind them. The north side of Hastings St really is the most desirable side as it offers the best views across Laguna Bay and has dual access to both Hastings Street and the beach. In fact some of the accommodations on the north side of Hastings Street are designed to allow you to walk right onto the beach from the accommodation itself. Talk about being spoilt for choice.Hastings St Noosa

Naturally when choosing accommodation in Noosa, the accommodation on the northern side of Hastings Street is highly desirable and tends to book out first. There is also accommodation available to the west of Hastings Street towards the river and accommodation to the east up the hill towards Noosa National Park. The heart of Hastings Street is really the place to be for convenience, natural beauty and holiday atmosphere. Little walkways weave their way between or under the accommodation in Hastings St and the beach, making it easy to switch between a stroll on the beach, a walk to the ice cream parlour or an indulgent lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants in Hastings Street. If it all gets too much for you, simply retire to your accommodation right on the beach in the heart of Hastings Street.

When next booking your holiday in Hastings St Noosa Heads we recommend you book your accommodation in Hastings Street, the heartland of Noosa. To maximize the views we recommend booking your accommodation on the north side of Hastings Street. As these venues tend to book out early a little advance planning is advised. If everything is booked out a helpful tip that sometimes works is to call the accommodation venue direct rather than booking through a travel portal. Often accommodation venues reserve some rooms for direct bookings. Alternatively you can put your name on a waiting list/cancellation list so that if a vacancy arises at the last minute the accommodation venue will offer it to you first. In any event hasten to Hastings Street for your next holiday in Noosa. You will be happy you did!

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