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Discover the natural wonder of Fraser Island

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The Butchulla people were right in naming breathtaking Fraser Island “K’gari”. Translating to “paradise” there is no more apt name for this slice of heaven, which is brimming diverse landscapes including pristine beaches, sky-scraping rainforests, immense sand blows and azure lakes. It’s no wonder that this island – the largest sand island in the world – is such a popular destination for travellers from across the country and the globe.

Perhaps Fraser Island’s most iconic gem is the magical Lake McKenzie, which sparkles a rare shade of blue and makes a magnificent backdrop for holiday photos. This gorgeous attraction is nestled in amongst the island’s jungles, crystal clear creeks, eucalypt forests and dense woodlands and the discovery of each setting truly makes for the adventure of a lifetime.

The clarity of Fraser Island’s Eli Creek is an optical illusion and many mistake the waters as murky until a fish or platypus swims into view to reveal it’s incredible transparency.

The seemingly endless stretches of pristine beach are home to pippis, crabs, dingos, birds, whales, dolphins, stingray and turtles among hundreds of other animals waiting to be spotted by visitors with a keen eye and a sense of awe. Visitors will agree, Fraser Island is beyond worthy of its World Heritage listed status.

To experience the magic for yourself, chat to a member of the On The Beach Noosa team about the day trips and 4X4 hire offered by local operators. Either way, a visit to Fraser Island will lead you along the Great Ocean Drive, past the famed coloured sands of Teewah to Double Island Point, before joining a barge and entering the Butchulla people’s “paradise”.

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