Top 10 Benefits of a Beach Holiday in Noosa – Part two

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6/ Take in the sun and recharge your batteries.–

Break the boring and often toxic routine of being cooped up inside offices and schoolrooms and get outside and enjoy the sun. So many activities during a beach holiday are based outdoors so getting enough sun almost becomes a by product of just being outside and enjoying the environment.

Enjoying a sunny day increases our production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that helps us to feel alert, active, positive and happy. The ultraviolet rays stimulate the production of vitamin D, which enables our bodies to make good use of phosphorus and calcium, promoting strong bones and cell division.

Sunlight gives us lots of vitamin D and it is now being recognised that many of us are becoming deficient in this vitamin because we spend too many hours indoors. Time outdoors means you can get enough sunlight, so your vitamin D levels increase and improve your overall health. Certainly the warm and sunny weather of Noosa will not fail to help release happy hormones in your body. Light is known to elevate people’s mood and disposition. Aside from loads of sunlight, the rainbow colours of nature will surely delight you as well.

7. Rejuvenates the soul-

Studies show that being in nature diminishes stress for most people. It definitely is true that an open space such as the beach creates an open mind. You can forget about your usual concerns and just commune with nature.

A beach holiday provides a sensory experience: you can taste the salt in the air, hear the waves rolling in, see the vibrant colors of nature and all the creatures that live in it, feel the warmth of the sun, and smell the ocean breeze – that will allow you to just slow down and think beyond yourself.

8. Healing powers of the sea –

A dip in the sea is much less painful than a face-lift. The sea is a very rich source of silicon. It can leave the skin looking younger, toned and less wrinkled and the iodine promotes hair growth and shine. Love a foot massage?  If you walk briskly on the beach, you’ll get the added benefit of the sand massaging the soles of your feet, which stimulates your circulation. And if you’re right at the water’s edge, as the waves break, the sea water will massages your ankles, making the exercise even more complete.

Add in some water walking at whatever depth you feel comfortable in and you have the perfect exercise to strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks. While enjoying the beach you will also have the benefit of free exfoliation as the friction of the sand is a marvelous natural exfoliant. Walking barefoot will result in softer feet in no time, just like a home peel treatment!

9. Benefits flow over to all areas of your life –

Life can be difficult, and quite often, we can become quite regimented in our day to day lives. Taking the time out for a beach side holiday can help you to reflect and re-evaluate your life.

When you relax, your creative and emotional sides come to the surface and you become open to new ideas allowing you to see the future and the past more clearly.

10. Long lasting benefits –

Experts say that the latest study supports the long-held belief that holidays are good for health.  They say that holidays are important for boosting productivity as well as longevity. Going on holiday can reduce blood pressure and stress levels even months after vacation.

A survey also found that the most stress relieving sight was that of the sea, and watching and hearing the waves break on the shore has a calming effect.

With Noosa’s beautiful weather and sunshine, many of us head to the beach for our holidays to have some fun and a well-deserved rest from our busy lives. Beach holidays are a great way to relax, and with the endless miles of glistening beaches along the Sunshine Coast, it doesn’t take much persuasion for us to pack a bag and head off to the beach. We look forward to seeing you soon in beautiful Noosa for your next beach holiday.

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