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Noosa’s idyllic location on the Sunshine Coast makes it a popular holiday destination. With its stunning views and year round perfect weather it has become a destination in itself. No longer is Noosa just an exit sign you see while travelling along the Bruce Highway. For years Noosa Heads has been a secret hideaway known mainly to Queenslanders. It has long been quite common for Brisbane residents to travel to Noosa for a quick weekend getaway. After all Noosa is only 160km north of Brisbane City Centre along the Bruce Highway. The road is really like a freeway for most of the way with two or three lanes and at times a speed limit of up to 110km/ph which makes travelling to Noosa a breeze.


Now that the secret is out, Noosa has become increasingly popular to interstate and overseas travelers. Noosa is easily accessed by road, water and air. By car travel to Noosa is only 1.5hrs from Brisbane, a little under 3 hours from the Gold Coast and between 13 and 14 hours travel time from Sydney. For the really dedicated, drive time from Melbourne is around 26 hours, which is sometimes a good option for a family wanting to bring their own car and take in some other sights along the way while travelling.

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For those that prefer air travel to Noosa, the good news is that there are direct flights into the Sunshine Coast Airport from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne Airports. There are some seasonal direct international flights from Auckland in New Zealand, although Brisbane airport tends to be the gateway airport for most domestic and international travelers. Victorians are able to escape the winter chills and arrive on The Sunshine Coast in as little time as 2.5 hours. From Sydney travelling to Noosa only takes 1.5hours by air and from Brisbane only 30 minutes. Such short air travel times makes travelling to Noosa for either a quick getaway or an extended stay a really viable option. When you arrive, car hire, shuttle bus and taxi services are readily available from the Sunshine Coast Airport.


Rail and bus services are also available choices when travelling to Noosa. The fast train stops at Nambour with numerous coach and shuttle bus services connecting directly into Noosa each day. It is also possible to catch the train to Corooy and then a short bus ride into Noosa. The travel time by bus from Brisbane is around 2.5hours. It is also possible to travel to Noosa via water travel. This option tends to be more for private boat owners. Laguna bay offers some shelter for boat owners and in good conditions it is possible for smaller craft to come through Noosa Heads itself into the Noosa River where a number of moorings are available.


You would think that with the popularity of Noosa and the secret being out that once you arrive in Noosa it would feel busy and crowded like so many other seaside destinations but it doesn’t feel that way at all. Noosa has retained its charm and beauty and is now and interesting blend of a sleepy hollow and a cosmopolitan city. This is due to the building restrictions in the area. With lots of foresight high rise building in Noosa has been restricted so the architecture of the area is quite low level. Houses, resorts and restaurants are nestled among the hills and lush vegetation. It is possible to stay right on the beach at Noosa, literally walking out your door and stepping onto the sand. With travel access to Noosa so easy you almost feel relaxed just thinking about traveling there. Of course once you get there you will not be disappointed. With so much to see and do Noosa will cast its spell over you and you will find yourself being drawn to the beauty of Noosa time and time again.

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